Sorry, now all spinners to Europe are asked for CE certifications, now your package may be held in the customs, we are applying CE now, it will be issued this week, then it can be cleared, please give us more days to solve this problem.

TNT may send  you email as:


The above shipment has been held by customs, they found goods who are not 

compliant with the European security or electrical legislation. 

The shipment is now with a special team in Customs, dealing with these 

goods and is no longer available to TNT. 

If the consignor or consignee [Sender or Receiver] wish to make it conform, some info must be 

available which can be : 

- EC stamp is missing on the goods. 

- Commercial brand and serial number of the product must be available on 

the freight 

- The explanation note in the language of receiver; 

- The conformity declaration LVD, EMC and ROHS. 

For further information you can contact customs in charge directly via 

below address account : 

There is no point in sending any emails to TNT Liege on this shipment, as 

TNT cannot influence or interfere in the above process at all. Only 

correspondence with Customs in Liege on the above address can lead to 

resolving the issue at hand. 

Best Rgds 

Liége Clearance

we are applying CE certification now, it will be issued this week, then we will give the certification to TNT, it will be cleared.

Or please can you ask what is "The explanation note in the language of receiver", the letter says "which can be", so maybe your explanation can clear customs.

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